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Alfalfa is a plant used as fodder belonging to the lugominosas family. It has a cycle of between 5 and 12 years depending on the variety. It reaches a height of one meter developing clusters of small purple flowers. Its roots are deep and can reach 4.5 meters, making alfalfa a plant resistant to drought. It requires high temperatures and dry climate in summer being Spain one of the best places in the world for its cultivation.

Dehydrated alfalfa

The dehydration of alfalfa, compared with natural drying (haymaking), reduces the loss of nutritional value (leaves, protein, vitamins) and the risks of contamination by land, in addition to avoiding moisture from rain or dew that would increase pollution microbial

Alfalfa contains about 50% cell wall and a balanced composition of fiber (8% pectins, 10% hemicelluloses, 25% cellulose and 7% lignin).

Therefore, it ensures a rapid digestive transit, a significant contribution of soluble fiber and a high buffer capacity. This, together with its high palatability, makes alfalfa an ingredient of choice in high production cow feed.


  • Long fiber
  • Short fiber


  • 350Kg plastic packs
  • 750Kg plastic packs
  • 750Kg wired packs
  • 30Kg wired (in sets of 30 packs)


Feed of sheep, goats, cattle and Horses. Mixings per unifeeds.

Alfalfa hay

This is the name given to alfalfa when it is naturally dried in the fields. Hay-making consists of drying the forage by means of the sun’s heat, once it has been mowed. It is a natural drying, since it harnesses the light energy of the sun.

Extra Quality

Forage mass of long fiber, dark green color, whole leaves and long chopped trunk, of uniform and spongy texture.


  • Long fiber.


  • 30 kg Packs
  • 150 kg Packs
  • 300 kg Packs
  • 500 kg Packs


It is ideal for direct use in mangers.

Granulated alfalfa Pellet

Granulated dehydrated alfalfa, ideal to be consumed directly by livestock and as an integral component of the compound feed.

Its high content of vitamins and minerals promotes good animal status and increases yields


  • High quality proteinfree granule specila for sheeps and goats
  • Available in 5/6mm of diameter
  • Available in 6/7/8mm of diameter


  • Bulk
  • Sack
  • Big bags


For feeding sheep, goat and cattle. Cunicella and birds. Horse and pig cattle

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