Cereal straw

Products for animal feeding

The Spanish fields cover large areas of cereal crops, especially wheat and barley. The forage produced by this type of crops is used for animal feed.

At Velmanagrotrading we offer our customers the different straw formats existing.

Cereal straw

The dehydration of alfalfa, compared with natural drying (haymaking), reduces the loss of nutritional value (leaves, protein, vitamins) and the risks of contamination by land, in addition to avoiding moisture from rain or dew that would increase pollution microbial

Alfalfa contains about 50% cell wall and a balanced composition of fiber (8% pectins, 10% hemicelluloses, 25% cellulose and 7% lignin).

Therefore, it ensures a rapid digestive transit, a significant contribution of soluble fiber and a high buffer capacity. This, together with its high palatability, makes alfalfa an ingredient of choice in high production cow feed.

Product indicated for beef, beef, sheep, ..

Available in packages from 25kg to 500kg (Double compression).


  • Long fiber.
  • Short fiber.


  • 350Kg plastic packs
  • 750Kg plastic packs
  • 750Kg wired packs
  • 30Kg wired packs (grouped in 30 packs)


Feed of sheep, goats and cattle. Horse cattle Mixtures per unifeeds.

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